Iron Bear Designs

Custom chain mail pieces!

About this site... 

I make and sell custom pieces of chain mail.

As well as T-shirts, Celtic tapestries and various blades and knives. 

The blades, T-shirts, Celtic tapestries, etc, are now first come, first serve, since I'm unable to get more without a business licence.


Please add 5.00 for shipping if sending through Paypal. Or I can take credit card orders over the phone contact 336-457-5737, and i can give you a total cost including proper shipping. Any questions contact [email protected]


Don't forget to check out the blog!

We keep you updated with what is going on on the site, with blog posts. So, please when you visit, check out the blog. I will do my best to update this post with the date for when a new blog has been posted, but I may forget to do that depending on how much is going on when I come to update the site and blog for you all lovely costumers.

Blog last updated on: 12/15/14 at 11:00 AM

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